Thaire Actuarial Consulting Company Limited


The company was established in Year 2011.

We provide the following actuarial and private company consulting services: premium reserve assessment and endorsement, insurance product development, and calculation for post-employment benefits and other long-term benefits in order to help our clients save their cost, increase working efficiency, and create customer satisfaction.

Over 15 insurance companies and over 200 private companies are our clients.

Our partners are insurance companies and reinsurance companies in FairFax Group.

We have professional educated experts in our team, including actuaries with Fellowship.

Important Service

  • Premium reserve assessment and endorsement
  • Life and non-life insurance product development
  • Calculation of post-employment benefits and other long-term benefits in accordance with TAS 19
  • Full service related to IFRS 17
  • Estimate impairment (expected credit loss) of financial instruments in accordance with TFRS 9.